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Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

board christmas 03-01.jpg
  • Our Cheese and Charcuterie Board is made of 100% natural and premium bamboo.

  • With natural quality of the bamboo to resist bacteria this board is super easy to keep clean and hygienic.

  • The board includes 4 piece cutlery set made of quality stainless steel, so you won't need to worry about matching utensils.

  • Slide-out utensil and snack drawers allow you to have extra space for your food as well as to make it easy to store the board and its accessories away.

  • Our Cheese Board and Knife Set comes with a short and sweet guide about perfect cheese and wine combinations and variety of snacks.

  • We also included an essential care guide for your convenience.

  • Enjoy this perfect board and create the best get-together memories with your family and friends!


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