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We are Areni Home

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Everything started with cheese.  Locked at home during the pandemic, we were desperately trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves and make our place more enjoyable and comfy.

Then the idea came! What if making a fancy cheeseboard was easy and breezy? How can we make one without all the fancy charcuterie board designer skills? A simple but functional board was the solution! A board that’s easy to use and a breeze to clean. A board that makes anything you put on it look like you’ve invested a lot of time and money.


The usual family movie nights were not doing the trick anymore. One Friday, after opening a bottle of wine, we thought we must make our evening stand out a bit. We went to the closest store, bought a variety of cheese samples and our wine night was better than ever.


Shortly after our Bamboo Cheese Board was born. We are so in love with it that we use it ourselves almost every week.


The good news is - we are not stopping on the cheeseboard! Soon we will introduce more products that are very carefully chosen and made with great love. We want to help you add more little joys to your at home experience. Your gatherings can have an extra touch too, so that your family and friends remember them for a long time. 


Please come back soon to check what’s new at Areni Home. 

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